Chill Viet Co Ltd are a UK owned Vietnamese import/export company, their dynamic, energetic approach to the global seafood market gives a refreshing approach into working in the international seafood industry, giving confidence and long-term satisfaction whilst continuously seeking to keep on delivering the best for its customers by using their knowledge and understanding of international supply base.


Chill Viet’s long term and established relationships with its key suppliers allows them to import products from all over the world such as the UK, Iceland, Norway, Chile, and Canada for direct sales into its local partners within the domestic market in Vietnam.

With Vietnams vast, rich, wealth of seafood, Chill Viet have the ability to source its quality products for export back to the UK, EU and other countries in South East Asia. Working closely with ASC accredited farms and MSC fish, ensures Chill Viet customers that they only deal with the highest standard raw material and are supporting the industry of sustainable fishing throughout the supply chain, as Chill Viet understand the importance of its corporate and social responsibility within the global seafood industry and has its own standards of ethics it uphelds.

Chill Viet’s presence operating on a global scale have developed significant strategic partners who it works closely with to allow global trading opportunities for its customer base, from South East Asia back to Europe or vica versa, understanding the different cultures and the way people operate is a key strength in Chill Viet’s way of doing business.


Working closely with ASC, BRC, SALSA accredited processors and farms gives Chill Viet’s customers confidence they have a partner they can trust, with daily communication with its customers and suppliers allows the flexibility for different demands for re-processing to ensure consistent clear instructions throughout, from the management straight to the employee’s on the factory floor from the other side of the globe.


Chill Viet understand the forever changing demands within the seafood industry, from retail to food service, their enthusiasm into research and development of new innovative, fresh ideas for added value products to offer the market gives them an important strength to their business.

Chill Viet Co Ltd have developed its wholesale brand, Best Fresh International Seafood. The idea is deliver the highest quality in Live, Fresh and Frozen global seafood to retail, wholesale and food service, bringing the international market to the door step of the consumers within Vietnam.

Using a range of international and local produce giving a greater choice for people who love their seafood, delivered right to them.


Chill Viet has its own dedicated technical team with the capabilities to perform its quality control checks from microbiology analysis through to product inspection, to factory audit. This gives customers a greater sense of satisfaction that Chill Viet can give the confidence that customers product is being looked after through its detailed quality assurance inspections in such a demanding environment.